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Camp Tenipuri Mods Journal

Camp Tenipuri Mods
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With the passing of the Nationals, the U-17 camp, and the departure of the third-years, the many successful Junior High and High School tennis teams of Japan have been disbanded. Some pursued other hobbies, some lost interests, some stopped playing tennis altogether -- this, in the eyes of wealthy tennis enthusiast Sakamoto Jin, is a terrible waste.

He, with the purpose of nurturing the young talent he had witnessed, decided to take action.

Camp Tenipuri

Camp Tenipuri (tenicamp) is an outdoor tennis-centric boarding school sponsored by Mr Sakamoto. It is situated near the mountains of Hokkaido, where players would practice on the rough terrians of the wilderness. Young tennis players all over the country are invited to attend this school where they will be provided quality education and tennis training.

Despite being based outdoors, Camp Tenipuri still posesses state-of-the-art facilities. This includes Hot Springs, heated dorms (for those who deserved it) and wireless internet.