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1. No god-modding.
That should be self explanatory. Please ask the player before you decide to do anything with their character.

2. Player age.
Players should be at least 16 because of possible mature themes. And please no childish behavior. Show us that you are really adults or almost adults.

3. Ideas, Plots, Changes.
Anything major MUST be run past any and all characters/muns that may be involved. If these plots involve teachers or the school, at least two mods should also be contacted to be made aware.

4. Character Death's and Drama.
Character death is not allowed! This applies to killing other characters and NPCs as well... Suicide attempts are ALSO not allowed! Keep the Drama to the minimum. There is always a way to do things without unnecessary Drama...

5. Posting Limits.
Two (2) post per character journal, per month is required. Commenting is encouraged, but will not be counted as activity for purposes of purging. Logs are not counted towards your activity, but is highly encouraged. Only posts in your character journals count towards your activity.

Inactivite is a lack of posting. You will recieve three warnings and after a third warning, your character will be purged. If you have a third warning, you will not be purged unless you fail to improve your activity over the next six months. If you activity does not improve, that is when your character will be purged.

Warnings are sent out at the end of the month.

6. Character Limits.
There is a five character limit, with a three week waiting period between. You will only be allowed a second and third character if you show yourself to be active within the game. If you are inactive with the character you have and would like another, you will not be allowed to apply in case you continue to be inactive with two characters or more.

7. Purging.
Purging will occur once a month on the first. If you wish to reclaim your character after they have been purged (if they are available), you may do so once. Further inactivity will result in being barred from playing in this community.

8. Hiatus.
It would be nice if these didn't have to happen, but occasionally real life can take away from our time on the internet for any of several reasons. A hiatus may be taken if needed. A hiatus consists of a total lack of being unable to post.

If you are expecting to be back in a short while, or are unsure if you can post for a while, a semi-hiatus may be taken instead. If you are able to post, you may do so, but you will not be issued a warning if you do not make the posting requirement. A semi-hiatus should hopefully consist of three weeks, but may be taken up to six weeks. If it needs to last longer than that, please take a full hiatus.

9. Logs.
There is no limit on logs. They may be done whenever you'd like. Logs should be posted directly to tenicamp. If the rating is above R, please lock it to Members Only.
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